About myFamilyChannel

What is myFamilyChannel?

myFamilyChannel is a private TV channel that allows seniors to interact and engage through their television, making digital connectivity accessible without the use of small screens, apps, smartphones or other digital devices.  The platform was designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists and rigorously field tested.

The platform consists of a suite of connected modules designed to allow real time communication, ease of use, and labor savings, resulting in increased engagement for customers and stakeholders.

Who can use myFamilyChannel?


myFamilyChannel allows residents to interact and engage with family through their TV using a simple, universal remote control.


Family members can send messages and photos, make video calls, and receive news and updates from staff.


Staff can manage and print community content, and message residents and families in real-time.

What features does myFamilyChannel offer?

  • Private TV channel for residents, families, and staff to communicate
  • Simple universal remote control designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists
  • Send messages, photos, and videos directly to resident’s TV screen
  • One-click video calls
  • View updates, announcements, and notifications for staff
  • View daily dining menu and activity calendars
  • Games to improve memory and cognition
  • Live customer support

Who developed myFamilyChannel?

myFamilyChannel was developed by Odessa Studios, a Louisville-based creative team whose passion is to make the digital experience simple and safe for analog natives.

*Patent pending

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