Getting Started

Setting up your profile and sending a welcome message
Resident Welcome Checklist

Perform these four steps to provide your loved one with a nice warm welcome to myFamilyChannel the first time they tune in.

After receiving your Welcome Email with your account information, login and:

  1. Edit and complete your profile information including a profile photo.
  2. Send a welcome message through our website OR use Text-To-TV®.
  3. Send a photo through our website or use Text-To-TV®.
  4. Send another family member the link to our Request To Join form.
Editing Your Profile

After filling out our Request To Join form, you will receive a Welcome Email containing your account information. After logging in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “Edit Profile.”  Enter information about yourself and remember to upload a profile photo! The information you enter here will be visible by your resident loved one on their TV screen. Residents love keeping track of your hobbies and birthday, so please include as much information about yourself as possible. Note:  your profile is only visible to members of your private family network.

Uploading A Profile Photo

This is an easy step to overlook. However, seeing pictures of familiar faces brings comfort to residents, therefore this is an important step in the profile setup process. Also, this is the photo that will be used to identify messages and content from you on your resident’s TV screen.

To upload a profile photo, login then click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “Edit Profile.”  You can upload your picture, crop, rotate, then click “Update.”  You can return to this page at any time to upload a new profile photo.


With Text-To-TV® you can text photos and messages directly to your loved one’s TV screen! Your phone number is automatically registered after you complete the Request To Join process and receive your Welcome Email.

Follow these steps if you need to update your phone number

  1. Log in to your myFamilyChannel account.
  2. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select ‘Edit Profile’
  4. Enter your mobile number in the phone number field, then click Update to save.
  5. Remember to save your loved one’s Text-To-TV® number in your phone. Send photos and text messages as you normally would.  These will appear on the resident’s TV screen.
Text-To-TV Power Tips

Please do not share the TTTV number!

Please do not share your resident’s Text-To-TV number with other family members.  Each phone number needs to be registered for privacy reasons. Please DO share the link with them, so they can “Request to Join” your loved one’s Family Channel!

It’s not a telephone number!
Your resident’s Text-To-TV number is not a phone number and cannot accept voice or video calls.

Send photos one at a time
For best results, send multiple photos one-by-one. Remember to add a caption on each photo by typing some text along with each photo you send.

myFamilyChannel will display photo captions if they are included within the same message as the photo.  If your device does not allow messages and photos to be sent within the same message, you can send them separately. Please be aware that the captions will be delivered to the resident’s Message inbox, in a separate area, and will not accompany the photos. This can be confusing for your loved one.

Other Communication Tools

In addition to Text-To-TV, myFamilyChannel offers several other ways for family members to communicate with facility staff and their loved one.

Family Message Board
This is a place for group conversation with your family and authorized facility staff members like Activity Directors or the Executive Director. Everyone in your Family Directory can see this, except your resident loved one.

Video Calls
Coming soon!

Staff Announcements
Authorized facility staff can create posts that are delivered and viewable by all family members of a specific facility. These messages will appear on your family message board.

Facility Information
The Activity Calendar and Dining Menus (Meals) are viewable by family members on the left sidebar.

Mobile Phone Requirements & Tips

Most smartphones and flip phones will work fine with the myFamilyChannel system, however, some older models may encounter issues. If your phone does not work with the system, you can still use the website to send photos and messages to your loved one.

iPhone users: make sure you have not disabled SMS texting. iMessaging-only will not work with myFamilyChannel.

Changing Your Password

You can change your password from the Edit Profile page. After logging in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “Edit Profile.”  Scroll down to the bottom then simply enter a new password and click “Update”

Please call 1 (855) 993-2323 or contact with any questions.

Need help or want to learn more?