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A private TV channel that connects residents, family and staff. Now you can send messages and photos directly to your loved one’s television!


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What features does myFamilyChannel offer?

  • Private, secure TV channel for residents, families, and staff to communicate

  • Simple, senior-friendly universal remote control designed in collaboration with a geriatric specialist

  • Send messages and photos in real-time directly to a TV screen

  • One-click video calls

  • View updates, announcements, and notifications for staff

  • View daily dining menu and activity calendars

  • Games to improve memory and cognition

  • Live customer support


myFamilyChannel allows residents to interact and engage with family through their TV using a simple, universal remote control.


Family members can send messages and photos, make video calls, and receive news and updates from staff.


Staff can manage and print community content, and message residents and families in real-time.

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I use it seven days a week, a dozen times a day. I would be heartbroken if they didn't have it.

 – Lois, Resident

It means so much to all of us right now because we can’t see each other. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t get messages that come through on my TV.

– Bess, Resident

I cannot express in enough words how helpful mFC has been to Magnolia Springs Lexington.

 – James, Staff

I know how much enjoyment this has brought to my Mom and most especially now. My Mom says, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. !!!! You are wonderful 🤗🤗 You all have made her day, she loves ❤️ you all !!!!

– Carol, Family Member

I appreciate the opportunity to stay connected to my mom. With the mFC system it is very easy for her to use. I send her pictures every day just so she can feel connected during this unprecedented time.

– Debby, Family Member

For more information:

Todd Smith, CEO

Phone: (855) 993-2323
Email: tsmith@myfamilychannel.com

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